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Becoming Jane - a film of Jane Austen's life (or is it?)


Becoming Jane (2007)
This film is based on the book of the same name by Jon Spence and focuses on the relationship between Jane Austen and her supposed first love, Tom Lefroy. The theory is that this romance, if it can be called that, inspired Jane Austen to write her novels, drawing on her experience of love and using Tom as her inspiration for her fictional leading men. Well, you can believe that or not, as you choose.

When first planned, it raised great hopes among Austen lovers that here at last would be a true portrait of Jane Austen's life.
Unfortunately, this film isn't that - it's more of a 'what might have happened' than a 'what actually happened.' But some well known names are in the cast, so it can't be all bad - can it? See it and find out!


Jane Austen - Anne Hathaway
Tom Lefroy - James McAvoy
Mrs Austen - Julie Walters
Rev. Austen - James Cromwell
Lady Gresham - Maggie Smith
Henry Austen - Joe Anderson
Eliza de Feuillide - Lucy Cohu
Mr Wisley - Laurence Fox
Judge Langlois - Ian Richardson
Cassandra Austen - Anna Maxwell Martin
John Warren - Leo Bill
Lucy Lefroy - Jessica Ashworth
Mrs Lefroy - Eleanor Methven
Mr Lefroy - Michael James Ford
Robert Fowle - Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

The movie:

The book:
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