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Miss Austen Regrets


Miss Austen Regrets (2008)
This film is based on the 'life and loves' of Jane Austen. Or so they tell us.

The screenwriter, Gwyneth Hughes, based this on the published letters of Jane Austen, which we know are only a small sample of those she actually wrote. Many were destroyed by her sister Cassandra after her death. The plot such as there is centres around Jane's niece, Fanny, and her efforts to find a husband.


Jane Austen - Olivia Williams
Mrs Austen - Phyllida Law
Henry Austen - Adrian Edmondson
Fanny Austen-Knight - Imogen Poots
Anna Lefroy - Sally Tatum
Harris Bigg - Samuel Roukin
Cassandra Austen - Greta Scacchi
Rev Brook Bridges - Hugh Bonneville

The movie: (in US and Canada sold only with Sense and Sensibility)
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