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Film/TV adaptations - Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park miniseries - 2007/2008

The latest TV adaptation (from ITV) was first broadcast in the UK on 18 March 2007. The script was written by Maggie Wadey. Click here to go to the official ITV website (there are also links from here to the other new ITV adaptations, of Persuasion and Northanger Abbey).

Broadcast in the US in January 2008 as part of a Jane Austen season on Masterpiece Theatre.

Pictured above are (from left to right) Blake Ritson as Edmund Bertram, Billie Piper as Fanny Price and Joseph Beattie as Henry Crawford.

Austen for Beginners opinion: Not a faithful adaptation of the book, but it gives you an idea of the story. If you haven't read the book yet, it might inspire you to do so. Be warned, however, that large chunks of the book and several characters are missing from this adaptation. I'm afraid I must also add that Billie Piper is horribly miscast as Fanny Price and the characterisation of Fanny is way off the original. If you are studying the novel at school or college, DON'T use this adaptation as your guide - you will go badly wrong if you do! 

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And before that there was.....
Mansfield Park (1999) - film adaptation

This adaptation was written and directed by Patricia Rozema and got a PG-13 rating because of a (shock!) nude scene. It had a full cinema release and was very successful.

Austen for Beginners opinion: Uses much of the dialogue of the novel itself, but the characters are developed in a way that Austen would never have dreamt of. Good entertainment and tells the story well, in spite of the various embellishments. The characterisation didn't please Austen purists, but if you see this film without reading the book, you'll never notice. Worth watching.

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Mansfield Park (1983) - TV miniseries adaptation by the BBC 

The miniseries format meant that this adaptation is far longer than either of the two films at over 5 hours. A classic adaptation that in spite of being over 20 years old is still looking good.

Austen for Beginners opinion: By far the best and truest to the book. Great performances by the cast and definitely the one to watch if you are studying the novel.

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