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 -- Apart from the six main novels, Jane Austen wrote a number of other shorter pieces. Most of them date from her youth and are grouped together as her 'juvenilia' - i.e. stuff she wrote when very young. There are also a couple of unfinished fragments that she wrote before her death but was never able to complete.

I've gathered together what I can find - click on the links below to get to the text. These are in (more or less) chronological order, with the juvenilia first. Bear in mind that not only was Jane Austen very young when  she wrote some of these pieces, but her spelling and grammar were not the greatest in the world even when she was an adult, so the 'errors' are hers, not mine!

The juvenilia was collected by Jane Austen herself into three notebooks: Volume 1 (1787-1790), Volume 2 (1790-1792) and Volume 3 (1792-1793).

Volume 1
Frederic and Elfrida
Jack and Alice
Edgar and Emma
Henry and Eliza
The Adventures of Mr Harley
Sir William Mountague
Memoirs of Mr Clifford
The Beautifull Cassandra
Amelia Webster
The Visit
The Mystery
The Three Sisters
Detached pieces, including Ode to Pity

Volume 2

Love and Freindship
Lesley Castle
The History of England
Collection of letters

Volume 3
Catherine (also known as Kitty or The Bower).

Lady Susan: a shorter novel (novella) written between 1793 and 1795 when Jane Austen was still in her teens.

The Watsons: started in 1803 but never finished.

Sanditon: started in 1817, just before her death.

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