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The 2005 movie

Now you can plan your P&P 2005 UK tour! The locations for the series are listed below, with links to further websites if I've managed to find one.


The scenes at Netherfield were filmed at Basildon Park. This is run by the National Trust - click here.
Longbourn and Meryton

Longbourn is played by Groombridge Place in Kent. Here's the link to the website.

The scenes in Meryton were filmed in St George's Square, Stamford, Lincolnshire. The town has their own website here. The picture below isn't actually of St George's Square - if I ever find a real picture or take one myself I'll replace it with the real thing!

Hunsford and Rosings

The parsonage where Mr Collins and Charlotte live is portrayed in the movie by The Alms House on the Boughton House estate in Northamptonshire. I think this is it!

The church interior shots were filmed at St Peter's Church in Brooke, Rutland.

Rosings Park is portrayed by Burghley House in Lincolnshire.

The garden shots (where in the movie Mr Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for the first time) were filmed at the Temple of Apollo in Stourhead Gardens at Stourton in Wiltshire.

Lambton and Derbyshire countryside

The role of the Inn at Lambton was given to Haddon Hall in Derbyshire. The Banqueting Hall was used as the dining room at the inn. Here's a picture (sorry, it's a bit small):

The Derbyshire scenes filmed as part of Elizabeth and the Gardiners' tour were shot at Stanage Edge, Hathersage, Derbyshire.


The exterior shots were filmed at Chatsworth in Derbyshire. It is the largest country house in England and some believe that Jane Austen was thinking of Chatsworth (which she is known to have visited) when describing Pemberley.

Some of the interior shots were also filmed at Chatsworth (the Sculpture Gallery, for example) but others were shot at Wilton House, near Salisbury in Wiltshire.

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