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The BBC 1995 miniseries

Now you can plan your P&P 1995 UK tour! The locations for the series are listed below, with links to further websites if I've managed to find one.


The main shots were filmed at Edgecote Hall, Northamptonshire (near Banbury). It is a private house and not open to visitors.

The scenes for the Netherfield Ball (interior) were filmed at Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire. It is now a hotel. Click here for more details.

Longbourn and Meryton

The scenes at Longbourn were filmed at Luckington Court, near Chippenham in Wiltshire. It isn't generally open to the public except the gardens - but I can't find a website for information, so you will take pot luck if you decide to visit.

Meryton is actually a nearby town in Wiltshire called Lacock. This is a village almost entirely owned by the National Trust and preserved as a medieval village. Consequently it has featured in a number of film and TV dramas so P&P is not its only claim to fame! Here's the link.

Hunsford and Rosings

The parsonage where Mr Collins and Charlotte live is really the Old Rectory in the village of Teigh, near Oakham in Rutland. This is a private house and not open to the public.

Rosings Park is Belton House in Lincolnshire. It is run by the National Trust; for more information, click here.

Lambton and Pemberley

The shots of the Lambton Inn were filmed at Chapel Street in Longnor near Buxton in Derbyshire. For information on Longnor, click here. It's actually just over the border in Staffordshire, if we're being strictly accurate!

The exterior shots of Pemberley were filmed at Lyme Park in Cheshire. This is another National Trust property - click here.

The interior shots of Pemberley were filmed at Sudbury Hall, also in Derbyshire and also run by the National Trust - here's the link.

Those rocks where Elizabeth clambered about and worried her aunt Gardiner were at The Roaches, Leek in Staffordshire.

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