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Jane Austen wrote her novels around 200 years ago, so inevitably some of the language is rather old-fashioned to our modern eyes, and in some cases may be incomprehensible, particularly to non-native English speakers! 
In the text, you'll see the occasional word or phrase which I thought deserved some kind of explanation - if you click on the link you'll find some notes on the text. These open in a new window, so you can switch back and forth between the two as you read your way through. If you find any other words or phrases that don't make sense to you, please let me know and I'll add it to the notes.

The text of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (and of her other novels) is freely available as an e-text. This version and its html format are Austen for Beginners 2013.

List of contents

Chapter 1 Chapter 18 Chapter 35
Chapter 2 Chapter 19 Chapter 36
Chapter 3 Chapter 20 Chapter 37
Chapter 4 Chapter 21 Chapter 38
Chapter 5 Chapter 22 Chapter 39
Chapter 6 Chapter 23 Chapter 40
Chapter 7 Chapter 24 Chapter 41
Chapter 8 Chapter 25 Chapter 42
Chapter 9 Chapter 26 Chapter 43
Chapter 10 Chapter 27 Chapter 44
Chapter 11 Chapter 28 Chapter 45
Chapter 12 Chapter 29 Chapter 46
Chapter 13 Chapter 30 Chapter 47
Chapter 14 Chapter 31 Chapter 48
Chapter 15 Chapter 32 Chapter 49
Chapter 16 Chapter 33 Chapter 50
Chapter 17 Chapter 34

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